Molteni&C 品牌空间


If there is a brand that can symbolize the development history of Italian furniture, it must be Molteni&C, which focuses on high-end wardrobes and system furniture. Founded in 1934, it has a unique and cutting-edge design concept and a complete production chain. The firm pursuit of internal quality has made it a top brand in the field of furniture production and design. It is not only highly respected in the industry, but also an excellent choice for celebrities from all walks of life.


OUTIN DESIGN refines its brand genes, deconstructs the brand characteristics, dissolves the business concept into the space, and creates a residential atmosphere that focuses on the output of emotional value. "We've been thinking that this SHOWROOM doesn't use tension, it's an emotional effort. This space is all about emotion. We hope it's an emotional sustenance for a residence, just like perceiving every product in it. It is the feeling of life that matches the works of so many design masters.”

空间内外的构建法则   Rules of Construction in and Out of Space


On the preservation of the original structure of the original building, out-in design creates a clean, concise and more essential façade for Molteni&C (Ningbo Store).


The first floor of the exhibition area and the unrenovated pavement present a sense of gap, which is not only the design basis for shaping the façade, but also the transition point for the exhibition hall to integrate into the city.


The interior space is not an existence independent of the outside world, but is regarded as a continuation of urban architecture, and the auspiciousness of the city can be seen in the brand space. It is not defined by the distinction between "new and old", and does not pursue a specific meaning, but only applies stories and ideas to space, and publicizes and deepens it in the form of space, so that the audience can feel the product and let the "home". "Become a tangible carrier of emotional sustenance.

窗口分析 window analysis


The dual shaping of indoor and outdoor space makes the interpretation of the design concept more complete and vivid. The brand image of simplicity, tranquility and harmony is carried out from the inside to the outside, and the story of the emotional space is narrated in the intervention of the block.

以柜筑形   Built in the shape of a cabinet


Compared with the tension of space and form, the positive and negative tend to be gentle construction rules, which is also based on the consideration of Molteni&C's own restrained temperament. Reducing the commercial atmosphere without breaking away from the commercial attributes, the transparent glass creates a transparent viewpoint, and the interior structure is clear and present. The combination of cabinets and furniture is adopted to create a relatively "complete" living environment.


The straight and inclined surfaces of the cabinet are used to capture dynamic images and intersperse them throughout the space, allowing the echoes of the brand history to establish spatial order. Deconstruction and integration of the cabinets are carried out to form a more structured field, and the brand gene is displayed with a figurative meaning.

元素分析 Elemental analysis


With the link between product and space, a more complete concept of residence is realized, which subverts people's inherent impression of "door", and builds a "separated and continuous" overall space, making it a connector of space. The product and space are connected and interacted, so as to dissolve the sense of boundary of the space and create a classic aesthetic that is divided but continuous. Let the cloakroom become both a relatively independent miniature field and a flexible and interactive transfer station, like a mysterious blind box that hides different surprises. After opening, it leads to an unknown field, and feels the endless charm released by the Molteni&C brand in the architectural space.


The design concept for the construction of brand space, on the one hand, needs to respect the imprint of the brand’s historical arc, and on the other hand, it also needs to accurately grasp the emotions expressed.

品牌空间的情绪锚点   The emotional anchor of the brand space


It is not a simple product display, but on the basis of the shaping of the space, various products are used to enclose the atmosphere of the residence, which arouses the emotional resonance of the audience.


The mild texture weakens the reflection intensity of light, and the soft tones create a visual picture with temperature. The natural light is filtered by the frosted glass, depicting the feeling of being closer to the "home" with a softer vocabulary, drawing a full grain of life.


The peace of light tones and the quietness of dark colors complement each other in the ups and downs of light, and the sparse shadows of the years flow silently here.


From the consideration of different levels of details from color, light to material, the sensory emotions can grow quietly in the simple and pure but rich living atmosphere.

楼梯细节 Stair Details


FThe introverted space creates a spiritual field full of extensibility, so that the relationship between the product and the space forms an inner resonance under the spread of life feelings.


The way a brand communicates its ideas to the outside world is not only a high-profile demonstration. Perhaps the inner coagulation narrative attached to temperature can better explain its core concept after time precipitation. Taking Molteni&C's own temperament as the starting point, construct the interior and exterior of the space, respect its historical characteristics, and let the emotions flow naturally in the brand space.


项目地点|中国 浙江




设计公司|正反设计/OUTIN. DESIGN

设计主持|王琛 W.C

设计管理|正反OUTIN - R.E.C Team

道具制造|正反OUTIN - R.E.C Team

灯光设计|正反OUTIN - R.E.C Team*云曦照明



项目摄影|Wen Studio


Project name: Molteni&C|Dada, Ningbo

Area: 540 square meters

Location: DERLOOK, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Completion time: September 2021

Design firm: OUTIN. DESIGN

Lead designer: Wang Chen

Design management: R.E.C Team

Props production: R.E.C Team

Lighting design: R.E.C Team, Yunxi Lighting Co., Ltd.

Display design:Siban

Market promotion: Shajun

Photography: Wen Studio

Main materials: Terrazzo, White Travertine, Mechanism Paint